Jenn Woodall – Artist


Jenn Woodall is an artist and illustrator from Canada.  This site is dedicated to her work.  She is very, very talented, and I am sure many of you will become fans of her just like I am.   She has a BDes from Ryerson University. She illustrates, makes comics and designs costumes. Jenn has had her work published in many, many places.  Hic & Hoc, Comic Book Slumber Party, and Golden Gear Games.

Jenn participated in the National Baller of Canada’s program called the TUTU PROJECT.  Her tutu got selected!  It was showcased and published in the Worn Fashion Journal.  Her design is red with gold embroidery.  It was featured that the opening for the National Ballet of Canada’s 60th Anniversary Tutu Project.   The Four Seasons Centre in Toronto had it on display all summer long!

Jenn’s talent is unmistakable.  Stick around to enjoy her wide variety of artist skills.